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The Shimano TLD In Depth

This is a classic shimano reel that has found its way around the world like many other Shimano products. What makes this reel so special is its dependability and the fact that it has very little need for maintenance. Its performance compared to cost was unrivaled for years until reel companies like PENN started releasing similar style reels one could only guess because of the TLD’s extraordinary success.

What Is Inside A Shimano TLD?

This is the best video on the internet explaining the Shimano TLD. It goes into depth on the history of the TLD’s manufacturing, how to perform maintenance on it. Thanks to Aussie “ Fishing Gear Tester” for putting together this great video.

Types Of Shimano TLD’s

Shimano TLD  – This is the classic one speed TLD Reel.

Shimano TLD

Models (Scroll Down For Line Capacities):

TLD 15



Shimano TLDII (2 Speed Shimano TLD)

Shimano TLDII (Two Speed Reel)

TLDII (Scroll Down For Line Capacities):





Shimano TLD Star

Shimano TLD Star

Models (Scroll Down For Line Capacities):



What Type Of Fishing Should I Use This Reel Series For?

The Shimano TLD is a pretty versatile reel series.  The best application for a TLD is as a trolling reel.  However you can use them for bottom fishing, landbased fishing for sharks and bull reds, as well as inshore fishing for big jacks, tarpon, bull reds, and barracuda.

Monofilament Line Capacities For The Shimano TLD

Below is a table with the braided line capacities for the Shimano TLD. Find out the Monofilament Line capacity of other Shimano Reels.

Monofilament Line Capacities For Shimano TLD Reels

Braided Line Capacities For The Shimano TLD

Below is a table with the braided line capacities for the Shimano TLD.  Find out the Braided Line Capacity Of Other Shimano Reels.

Braided Line Capacity Of Shimano Reels

How To Service A Shimano TLD:

Video That Shows You How To Service A Shimano TLD 15

This video by “Jamie D Offshore”  shows you how to service a Shimano TLD15.  Also you can enjoy some Classic Rock while watching it!

Video That Shows You How To Change The Bearings On A TLD 25 : 

This video by “TJ Shultz” shows you how to change the bearings on a TLD25. There is no classic rock in the video, but its still a great video.

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